white runtz strain

white runtz, white runtz weed This Indica predominant cannabis strain. is the Nero Cut version, it’s a hybrid of Zkittlez and Gelato. runtz bags, Nero is part proprietor of the Runtz brand.  Also white runtz strain.

white runtz weed

The White Runtz strain was the hottest on the market at one point. A hybrid cross between Zkittlez and Gelato, it was famed for its colorful trichomes and sugary taste. Once called “rare and sought-after” , this flower appears to have fallen off the map altogether.

By comparing its parents’ profiles, we can at least make some guesses as to what White Runtz might taste like.

Cannabis plants grown from seed have two parents—a male (to fertilize) and a female. Crosses like White Runtz are created when a male of one strain fertilizes a female of another. It is classified as a “hybrid” because its lineage includes Cannabis Indica strains and Cannabis Sativa strains.

Any hybrid descended from a Cookie Fam Genetics strain, or Zkittlez, should satisfy the craving. We love Watermelon Zkittlez, which is a cross between Watermelon and Zkittlez with a very straightforward name. It comes in beautiful, sticky bundles of flower, with a strong smell of brown butter chocolate chip cookies.

Birthday Cake is another well-reputed option with ties to the classic Girl Scout Cookies strain. It has the same icy trichomes as White Runtz, and is said to soothe muscles while letting the mind stay active. It is sometimes called Wedding Cake, so make sure to look under both names when you’re looking to find marijuana near you.

The White Runtz strain is fundamentally. Runtz canvassed in THC with a similar sweet taste. the white runtz weed.

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