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To begin with  supreme carts, supreme thc cartridges. This vape cartridge has amazing strength. it can be compared to Brass knuckles, and PURE vape. Although its label 95% THC, it doesn’t feel like it is that much stronger. than other cartridges tested at lower percentages of THC.  supreme vape. supreme thc cartridges

supreme thc cartridges

Supreme Carts . the latest generation of the vape pen. With its discreet, low key appearance. you can feel free to vape at any given moment. supreme thc cartridges.

supreme vape

Dirty lab tests ruin an otherwise pleasant Supreme vape cartridge experience
Judging from the discussions online, Supreme vape cartridges are available all across the country. It’s not surprising to see this for a number of reasons. The logos are based on the Supreme skate shop and fashion brand, who we doubt gave their approval to make a THC cartridge.

The oil tastes good and it has a decent effect. Producers can also charge less than licensed vape companies by avoiding taxation. Finally, unlicensed growers must sell their flower on the black market supreme carts. A good amount of that crop is likely to have pesticides.

supreme thc cartridges

Just like Mario Carts cartridges, it’s a downer that Supreme vape have tested dirty. The cartridges would be a good value purchase if they would test clean. If they could do this without charging the likes of Kurvana ASCND and Select Oil cartridges, they’d be a huge hit. However, supreme carts who really knows what oil is what. The one we are hitting here might be clean, but we can never know for sure.

supreme vape

Supreme vape cartridges list no THC levels – The effects are a bit above average
Supreme Vape Package Info
The Supreme vape packaging provides little information
As you can see in the images and if you watch the video, the package has very little information. supreme thc cartridges  It has the CA State warning, the name Supreme, and that’s about it. There is no mention of the strain whether it be Sativa or Indica. Supreme vape also leaves out the percentage of THC and CBD.

Going by feel, the cartridge has a decent effect. It kicks in fast but not with an overwhelming rush. A deep vape is likely to have you coughing but the oil isn’t harsh. To make an educated guess, the THC concentration is probably around 75-80 percent.

Supreme Carts

Out of all review categories, the Supreme vape cartridge scores highest for flavor. Whatever mystery fluid this cart contains has a pronounced sweet and piney taste. It lingers on your taste buds for minutes after you take a puff. dank vapes carts We can’t say whether or not it’s true to strain, but the aftertaste stays delicious as it slowly dissipates.

Some supreme carts, like those from Cobra Extracts, taste good and bold up front. The aftertaste can have some funk to it in those last lingering moments. Once again, the great taste of this Supreme vape cartridge makes it a disappointment to find pesticides.

The Supreme vape cartridge mouthpiece sticks & the core sputters
Efficiency is another factor we look at when reviewing vape cartridges. In and of itself, efficiency includes several working parts. Examples include the density of the concentrate, type of vaporizer, and design of the airflow system. Supreme vape cartridge design and airflow don’t have the best construction.

We don’t mean to say that the cartridge doesn’t work. The supreme carts The one in our test gets sticky, but you can pull it through with some suction. Once the air gets flowing, the vaporizer does sputter but it also delivers big clouds if you want them. We see a lot of these cheaper cartridge styles. Supreme carts The ceramic core is cheap and begins to disintegrate as the oil draws down.

supreme thc cartridges

We weren’t impressed by the lack of information about this vape cartridge brand. Although, we have to say that we were blown away by the strength of the cartridge that we tried. Its strength was comparable to that of other well-known strong vapes like Brass Knuckles and Stiiizy. That said, we weren’t convinced that the THC content was quite as high but not as described on the label. The Supreme packaging states that their pre-filled cartridges have a THC content of 95%.

Supreme Carts

Although we definitely felt the potency of the cartridge we tried, Supreme Carts we didn’t think it seemed to be a lot stronger than many other cartridges that we’ve tested such as PURE one and Plug and Play Vape.

Nevertheless, if THC strength is your goal when vaping, you’re unlikely to be dissatisfied with Supreme cartridges. Even if you’ve got a high tolerance level, these will still give you an impressive high.

What About The Flavor Of This THC Oil?
After the downside of the independent lab tests, there’s another positive to report here.supreme carts  We enjoyed the taste and flavor of the Supreme cartridge THC oil. Vaping it was a pleasurable experience.

We tried the Tahoe OG strain and we thought it was among the most flavorsome we’ve ever tried. When comparing it with the Tahoe OG cartridge from Brass Knuckles, we preferred the Supreme one.

supreme vape

Therefore, if a great flavor is essential to you (and it usually is), you’re not going to be disappointed by supreme carts

Of course, just because the oil tastes good doesn’t necessarily mean that it isn’t contaminated with pesticides. Pesticides do not have an odor or flavor. Supreme Carts Vaping pesticides do not change the taste or affect the high, making it not detectable unless lab tested.That’s something you should keep in mind if you’re considering buying the Supreme brand cartridges.

supreme thc cartridges

What Can Be Expected From The Hits?
When it came to the potency of the hits, we have to say that we found that the Supreme THC oil vape cartridge that we tried produced some really amazing hits. The hits were big without any drag and, although it isn’t explicitly stated anywhere on the packaging, we think that if we had to guess, supreme carts we would suggest that the cartridge style is similar to the CCELL type with a ceramic base rather than the older wicking style of cartridge.

On the downside, there were a couple of flaws which, to be fair, aren’t unique to this brand. We found that the glass of the cartridge was pretty weak. supreme vape, When we accidentally dropped it, it cracked. We were lucky in that there was very little THC oil when that happened. However, supreme carts we wouldn’t have been delighted if it had happened as soon as we’d taken it out of the packaging. This isn’t the only THC oil vape cartridge that’s made out of inferior quality glass, but it’s still annoying.

Supreme Carts

Another issue that we found with the Supreme vape cartridge was that it wouldn’t vape all of the THC oil inside it. Again, another thing that isn’t unique to this cartridge. Supreme Carts We’ve had this problem before with other cartridges too, and it’s always annoying not to be able to vape all the oil that you’ve paid for.

supreme vape

Not much thc oil remains in the bottom of the cartridge, but it’s a definite design flaw when you can’t vape everything inside the pre-filled cartridge. with supreme carts.

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