Mandarin Pre Rolls

Dadirri’s Mandarin pre rolls is loaded with a citrus-sweet hybrid with an aroma of orange groves. The uplifting head high typically pairs with a soothing body buzz. This is a solid option for floating through your house chores and maybe getting a project done. It makes for a quick mood boost, Pre Rolls slims, but take it slow because it can pack a punch.

Pre Rolls Slims

A strain specific pre roll. Mandarin Cookies seems to be a Denver, Colorado-bred, (potentially) significantly potent (THC levels said to range from 15-26%), balanced (mind/body-calming), joyful, 2020 pre rolls sociable and sexually stimulating, (many claim) 50/50 (Indica/Sativa) citrus, fuel, pine and cookie-ish, evening hybrid combination of (the votes are all in) Mandarin Sunset and the Forum Cut of Girl Scout Cookies.

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