Exotic Carts | Strawberry Shortcake | Hybrid | 1g


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exotic carts strawberry shortcake

Exotic carts strawberry.
Strawberry is THC oil cartridge that are being. sell in a range of flavors with a claim THC potency of 80%-90%.

Strawberry Banana, sometimes recognize as Strawnana for short. is an indica develop by DNA Genetics in. collaboration with Serious Seeds. A genetic cross of Crockett’s Banana Kush and the “Strawberry”. phenotype of Bubble Gum, Strawberry Banana.

exotic carts strawberry shortcake

inherited a sweet, fruity flavor, hence the name. Known for its heavy resin production and high-THC content. Strawberry Banana produces happy. peaceful effects that sharpen creativity and sensory awareness.

To begin with, Strawberry shortcake exotic carts. Shortcake cartridge is a heavy indica. that really stands out with its fruity, earthy flavor. with sweet notes of cream. Although a bit heavy. exotic carts strawberry shortcake

This is still a great strain for beginners. that will leave you relaxed and happy. as if floating above strawberry fields. It’s hybrid tendency are evenly balance. also deliver an uplift effect that will stimulate your creative mind.


Lab Tested All Natural No PG, PEG, VG 100% Dank.

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