blue knight strain

Banana Sherbet is a potent hybrid thought by online sources to be a combination of Sunset Sherbet and the very popular Banana Kush. blue knight strain Online consumers cherish Banana Sherbet for its namesake tropical fruit flavor and its higher levels of potency which average between 20-23% THC.

The flavor is quite nice as well. You can feel a lovely blend of different sweet, spicy and earthy flavors, including the prominent taste of wood and blueberries. The earthy flavors become stronger with time. Blue Knight has a smooth and heavy smoke that instantly makes you feel sedated. It has a powerful impact on your system and begins relaxing your stressed body, which is why it excellent for treating stress and anxiety. It has a good and calming effect on your body pains as well, including arthritis aches. Other ailments that can effectively be treated using Blue Knight include insomnia, depression and loss of appetite. It has little to no side-effects.

blue knight strain

Blue Knight cannabis strain is an evenly balanced hybrid. Its THC level is a whopping 27%, and it smells and tastes delicious, making it very popular within the cannabis community. You will notice a sweet blueberry scent with creamy and sugary undertones reminiscent of vanilla cookies. The taste is equally delectable, with a woody aftertaste to offset the richness of the sugar and berry notes. Blue Knight gets its name from its gorgeous royal blue nugs.

Blue Knight is an indica-dominant hybrid, but only very slightly. Some people would argue that this strain is very well-balanced, which increases its popularity even further. Well-balanced hybrids are amongst the most popular of all marijuana strain types in this day and age because you get the warm relaxing hug of an indica whilst also being given a burst of cerebral energy from a sativa. Blue Knight is fairly strong, and it has a very rich aroma and flavor.

It’s hard to say who the original growers were, and, therefore, it’s even harder to find seeds for this strain. However, what is known is that this strain descends from two incredibly well-known lineages. The two strains which were crossed to create the Blue Knight are:

Strains most commonly used for concentrates are tasty, potent strains. Obviously, Blue Knight has both taste and potency. This makes it a perfect option for creating Butane Hash Oil. However, this process can be incredibly dangerous if you do it at home, so it’s highly recommended that you take precautions, or simply don’t do it. People have been known to burn down their homes using this extraction method.

blue knight strain

You can also use any strain you want to make edibles. You simply need to stick your weed in the oven for at least an hour and then mix it with a fat or oil. This process is called decarboxylation, and it turns THCA into THC. blue knight strain, Without decarboxylation, your weed edibles won’t have any potency. The other method of making edibles is to use already vaped bud (AVB), which is the leftover from your vaping endeavors. AVB is perfectly decarboxylated weed.

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blue knight strain

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Blue knight strain Space Monkey meds THC levels generally reach around 26%.  while CBD levels rest at 4%. Blue Knight